October 18: Q Workshop: Rotating Immersion Day -- 3rd Wednesday of each Month -- online

Uplevel your Amazon QuickSight skills! Join us for an immersive deep dive each month on 1 of 3 rotating topics!

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3rd Wednesdays of each month, 9:30 AM PST:
Oct 18: Q Workshop
Nov 15: Admin Workshop
Dec 20: Embedding Workshop


Q Workshop (4.5 hours)
Q is Amazon QuickSight’s Natural Language Query component that allows users to ask data questions in plain English and get quick answers. End users don’t need any BI expertise to interact with Q. In this Immersion Day, we will walk you through setting up a Q topic and making further configurations that will enable Q to answer a wider variety of natural language questions.

Admin Workshop (4.5 hrs)
In this Immersion Day, we will get you familiarized with running QuickSight CLI commands to do various admin tasks. Once you have a good understanding of these APIs, you will be able to use them via programming languages like Java and Python to automate your admin tasks.

Embedding Workshop (6.5 hrs)
In this Immersion Day, our QuickSight Solution Architects will cover the differences between various embedding methods and when to use them. You will learn both the Anonymous Embedding Workshop and User-based Embedding Workshop.

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