One requested to QuickSight Developer Team

Hi Developer Team,
I have experienced on other BI tools so on day to day basics I have face many challenges.
So I list out some of the basic requirement which also help other QuickSight user who have facing the same challenges.

  1. The Calculated dialog box has no minimize option available.
  2. The Calculated field has no capabilities for copying and paste.
  3. Separate the Field list into Dimension area, Measure area, Calculated Field area so that it helps everyone for getting the exact columns data in analysis area.
  4. The Title of the analysis and title of the visual type have not many formatting options please add some formatting options on that.
  5. The last one is most important one that is on the Dimension and Measure analysis filter on that there is no apply button available so when we trying to filtering out any data then the whole analysis is showing blank.

Hi, Biswajit! Thank you for your feedback!

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. These feature requests are being tagged for review by our PM team. Thanks so much!