Open OneDrive documents in Custom Visual Content?

I am wanting to open a OneDrive document inside of a visualization like we can do in a browser. My steps are to access a file in OneDrive and get the public Share link for that file. Then I put that URL into a Custom Visual Content visualization. This doesn’t seem to work.

Is there any way to get this to work or is it possible this may be supported in the future?

Does that share link open in a browser?

Also can you post a screen shot of your error?

I do wonder if there is a permission issue with OneDrive

Yes the Share link opens in a browser. Try putting this link into your browser and it should open a Word document inside of the browser.


Yeah it doesn’t work for me. This seems like its an issue that will need to be added as a feature.

When you click on the embed option does an html or link show up? And have you tried that link?

I don’t know if that will work but trying to trouble shoot.

Thanks for the help! I agree, probably just has be put in as a feature request.

I don’t really see any embed options when looking at sharing OneDrive files.


I got a little closer, but it still didn’t work. On the OneDrive website, if I select my file I noticed there is an Embed option in the toolbar. I put just the URL from that embed code into the visualization and below is what it says.

Hi, @CoreyLeichty, We have marked this as a feature request.