Percentage differance

I screenshot i m calculating percentage difference of DPPM based on month -1 with partition error trend, for partition error trend where DPMO is blank in current month and not blank in month -1 should show as -100 as percentage difference, while doing calculated field its not giving me the % differenxce,

Tried calculated field as (ifelse (isnull(SUM(DPMO)) and isnull(improvement %),-1, improvement %)) , its not gieving any error and also not giving any value in imrrovement field where DPMO is blank

ce as 100 and its coming blank

Hi, @mjdhav. Thanks for your question. I have reached out to a few people from our team to get you a reply.

Hi mjdhav,

Are you trying to show MoM percentage difference for DPPM using periodOverPeriodPercentDifference() function, if not then can you write your calculation here that you are using for DPPM?

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@imaitri I Am calculatin g imrpovement % as percentDifference(sum(DPMO1),[YYYYMM ASC],

Hi @mjdhav -

If null always equates to 0 in your business logic, the 2nd approach you described should work.


If it doesn’t, please share the data source you are using.

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