Pivot Table year update issue

I have created a visual showing month on month KPI’s, as of now it is reflecting all 12 months of 2023.
But as 2024 started it is not showing the 2024 month data in the visual. No filter for date or month has been applied.
Attaching screenshot. (This is only reflecting the months of 2023)
What do I want to obtain is , it should add the months of 2024 as well ongoing.

Hi @Mudgal

do you have a year field within the dataset?


Hey @ErikG ,
Yes , I’ve exported the year field in data

And you moved it to the column?
Can you create a new visual only with the year field an see if 24 exists?

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Yes, @ErikG , 2024 is coming in data. The issue here is when I put the year field in column, only 2023 is reflecting month wise.

Hi @Mudgal
could you solve your issue?
Without a look into your data its hard to tell.
Are there data in case you are using only year?

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Hey @ErikG
Yes the issue was solved, earlier I was bringing day, month & year columns in the data.
Then I tried to bring only month and year data and on applying filter for 2024, it worked.
It’s quite strange that earlier it was not at all reflecting 2024 data in visual even if it was in the database.

Could you please solve the topic?