Pivot Tables Filterations

To explain my problem, I use the below sample database.

1 20230509 100 A F 1
1 20230509 150 B F 1
2 20230509 200 D M 2
2 20230509 120 E M 2
2 20230509 90 A M 2
3 20230509 220 B F 3

I want to create a Pivot table as follows

BRAND Sum of DRINKS Consumption %
A 190 21.6
B 370 42.0
D 200 22.7
E 120 13.6

When calculating the consumption%, it should calculate based on the total consumption based on the GENDER and AGE_GROUP selection.

User should be able to filter the Pivot table from any number of BRANDs as well.

Eventhough user filter from BRAND, consumption% should needs to calculate based on the GENDER & AGE_GROUP selections only.

Can anybody help to get the Consumtion% for my requirement please.

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Hi @PandaDH

Are you saying that you would like the denominator to ignore filters for brand but accept filters for Gender/age group when calculating consumption %?


Hi @Ramon_Lopez yes that is exactly what is my question.

Hi @Ramon_Lopez, really appreciate if you can help me here…