Pivot Tables not showing totals for window functions


Whenever I’m trying to show totals in pivot tables, the calculated fields which involves window functions show the total as empty.

The formula that I have used here for TTM early transfers is windowSum(sum({Earlytransfer_count}),[{month_end_date} DESC],0,11)

How can I fix this? Attaching a sample table here.


Hey lidiyarj,

Unfortunately using a windowSum or other window function in a calculated field will not display a total in a table. I would suggest, if you can, transferring that logic into SQL. If you have a field like such in SQL you can take the sum of that in your pivot table.

Another area to explore is using a different function like sumOver. I know they are not the same, so it might not work. But, if you can make it work, sumOver, countOver etc… will show totals in tables.