Powered by QuickSight Roadshow | Mumbai

What do Yubi , Delhivery, CEAT Tyres, Big Basket all have in common? All are using AWS for Data and Amazon QuickSight to embedded analytics and deliver seamless, robust machine learning insights to their users directly within their platform or application.

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts in Bangalore on June 1st, 2023 to learn how Amazon QuickSight, our born-in-the-cloud BI service and Amazon Managed Databases such as Redshift Serverless can differentiate your offering by enabling compelling, interactive dashboards and allowing you to embed visualisations in your applications and websites, turning your data into insights by leveraging low-code/no-code AI/ML.

Hear from QuickSight customers, such as Yubi, on how they are leveraging Amazon QuickSight embedded analytics in their platform to enhance customer value, drive differentiation, and build new revenue streams—all with low development costs, no infrastructure management, and seamless, automatic scaling with customer growth.

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