Properties window missing

Hi I am a new user of Quicksight. I am following the Amazon workshop tutorial for Quicksight but for some reason my properties windows on the right hand side has gone missing whenever I click on any visuals or create one. I do not know how to get it back. I have looked everywhere but cannot seem to find anywhere to get it back. Please help! Thank you!

HI @gelearn
in the new layout the is a button in the menu.



Hi @ErikG , thank you for your reply but my layout does not look like that. Please refer to my picture. I do however see that same icon but when i click on it, it opens “Format Visual” instead of the Properties pane on the right-hand side.

Hi @gelearn
your screen is with the old layout. There its named “format visual” and is on the left. In the new layout (my screenshot) its named “properties” and is on the right.

Hi @ErikG ,
Oh, thank you for the information. I was confused because I had not done the tutorial for awhile and when I logged in and do the tutorial, I thought mine went missing cause the tutorial had the right-hand properties panel.
May I ask how I can get the new layout like yours?

As soon as it is available i guess it is default.

But you can change it in the upper right corner.

Hi @ErikG
For some reason, mine does not have that button. I will wait for it to see when it will be available.
Thank you very much for your help and time!

Depends on the region you use.

Could you please solve the topic then? Thx.

Hi @ErikG ,
Ok, I just registered to ask this question.
Do I just click on Solution and that’s it to solve this topic?

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