Q&A from the Live session | Better Together: QuickSight + Amazon EventBridge

Answers generated from Webex transcript and chat interactions

Q: Can these changes be controlled through any trigger. For e.g., My use case is - I wanted to move the changes from Development to UAT instantly. But from UAT to Production should be saved instantly, but should not be published to Production until we get sign-off.
A: There are 2 ways the event tools can be scheduled. It’s not on real time, so you can set up a batch process and you can make it run at the end of the day, or whichever the schedule, or to make it even more automated fashion you can maintain separate folders. So this batch process can look into specific folders only, which are certified and you can move them to the target accounts. So, you can set up the rules in both of these. It can be real time or the batch process mode as well.