Quarter Over Quarter Last Year Visual Help

Hi! I want to create a period over period pivot table that calculates the total dollars for each quarter and their quarter over same quarter last year percentage change. Below is how I would like to format the pivot

Q1 '23 Q2 '23 Q3 '23
Quarter over Quarter % change

My current calculation for Quarter over Quarter % change is:
periodOverPeriodPercentDifference(sum({dollars}), {date}, QUARTER, 4)

The issue I am running into is that I have to include all quarters for 2022 to calculate the percent change within the table. Is there a way to create a similar table but not have to include columns for 2022 quarters?


Hello @ryann.schuessler, does it throw an error or mess up the data being displayed if you filter the visual to exclude dates before 2023?

Hello @ryann.schuessler, do you still need assistance with this issue you are facing in QuickSight? If so please post some more information about the topic. If you don’t have any more questions or don’t respond I can unlist this for now and you can post a new topic so we can move this question back to the top of the list. Thank you!

Hello @ryann.schuessler, I will unlist this question for now. If you need any more assistance post a new topic so you can be at the top of our priority list! Good luck building your dashboard!