Quicksight API

Hi @Sanjay-dev-ds - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question.
For your problem statement, when there is a change a column underline database, you can do the following approach ( Custom Approach).

  1. Create a business glossary which will be generated dynamically for each table, you can write a python code which will take table name as argument and it will generate the table name and data type and you have to map the data type as per QuickSight data types so that it will sync.
  2. Once the business glossary is created, you can create the physical and logical map files.
  3. Using physical and logical map and custom sqls you can always create your data sets via python program.

This is a bit tricky and a good amount of coding is require to achieve this by boto3 QuickSight API, however it is a interesting problem. In my case we created the business glossary manually but remaining steps are automated.

You can refer the link - Quicksight dataset with API table map - #4 by Sanjeeb2022 for the details.

Regards - Sanjeeb