Quicksight console embedding

Hi Team
We want to expose Quicksight console to our users but want to segregate and rearrange dashboards on basis of certain business logic we follow. For example 3 dashboards should fall under folder a, 4 should come under folder b, under folder c. How can this be achieved?

Currently dashboards are displayed in a flat structure, is it possible we can change it to some tree structure as per our business logic.


You can create different folder in Quicksight and save the dashboard as per you requirements.



QuickSight folder structure does not present a tree on the screen. But you can arrange the folder and dashboard by different level of folder.
This is too conceptual to describe, but we have a blog post showing how to define it

Hi @Anurag1. Did Roy’s solution work for you? I’m marking his reply as “Solution” but let us know if it is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!