QuickSight dashboard add a control to filter data based on one column (Product Type)

This is my raw data about inventory of my products in each month.

In my QuickSight dashboard, how to create a control to filter data based on the Product Type column? Specifically, I’ll have a control with a drop down list of all different product types. When I choose one product type, the data will be filtered to just reflect on the inventory data about that chosen product type.
Eg: Choose the product type Apple to filter the data and get the following filtered data.

Note: In my QuickSight Dashboard, the existing fields are Time, Product Type, and Product Counts.

Thank you!

Hi @luckymeow
maybe that link will help.


Hi @ErikG,
Thank you very much! This works well!

One follow-up question is:
I have a pivot table as below. Can I add a filter control for the column Product Type and in the filter control, the value “National average sales” is always selected. Because I want to make sure this is a reference value to set more context no matter what product type is filtered.

Or if there is another way to always keep the row of “National average sales” no matter what product type is selected in the filter control, that would achieve the same result.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hope to follow up. Any update? Thank you!

Hi @luckymeow,
I noticed that you created a new topic for your additional question and it was solved so I’ll go ahead and mark this topic as solved as well.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to create a new topic in the community for discussion!