QuickSight - Dataset join issue/Dataset size limitation - [High Priority Question]

[High Priority Question]

Hello All-

I’m having some trouble with a visual I’ve created. I am joining several datasets to 1 dataset because I have to showcase all data in one visual. The datasets on their own look good. But error occurred once I joined the dataset.

The rows for the first dataset was 9xxx, once I joined one more dataset (3xxrows), the total rows became 70xxxx. And if I joined the other dataset(total 7), then faced QuickSight error called “DATA_SET_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED”, I couldn’t import all data and visual issues happened.

BTW, I’ve used full join(should be correct I think…) and the dataset type is csv file.

Does anyone understand the reason or any solutions?
Could you please share any best practice?

Thanks for looking at this - Weiwei

Hi @liu_weiwei

This dataset exceeds the maximum allowable SPICE dataset size. Use filters to reduce the dataset size and try again or increase the SPICE Capacity.


Hi @Aneek_Arora

Thanks a lot for your quick response! Could you please share more insights on how to use filters to reduce dataset size? I’m new to QuickSight and exploring now, many thanks.


Hi @liu_weiwei

Kindly review filters in data prep stage in Analysis - Editing filters - Amazon QuickSight