QuickSight KPI Bug

I have a QuickSight KPI that is comparing the sum of something YoY. With it being 2023 now it is show both year as the same number (which is correct) but yet the difference between the two is showing the same number as last year as well when it should be 0. I have tried many different things but nothing seems to fix it.
QuickSight KPI Bug

@tylerhillery, can you try to change the comparison method to toggle between " auto, difference, percent, and difference as percent" from the visual edit properties and see if that updates it back to expected value. I would also suggest to duplicate KPI visual to a table visual and check what values are reflected in table visual for difference setting. Another thing that can be tried is to clear the cache, close the browser and access the KPI visual again to check.


I tried changing the comparison method so it if it would update the comparison, still says the same. I tried clearing browser cache and still says the same. Here is screenshot of what the table values look like.

I just rebuilt the visual from scratch and it’s working now. Weird… appreciate you trying to help though!

I am glad that it re-building the visual worked for you.