QuickSight only show 1000 lines when I choose Edit dataset

I create a new data set in QuickSight by import 3 csv files, each file contains 1000 lines from S3. QuickSight told me that 3000 lines was imported. However, when I click: Edit data set in the console. QuickSight only show 1000 lines of the second csv file. I have refresh the data, but the situation remains

I want to ask: Is there any way that I can show all 3000 lines or this is the technical behavior of QuickSight?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Yen,

No, this is not the QuickSight behaviour. if each file contains the 1000 lines, QS will import 1000.
if your single file contain the 3000 QS dataset will show the 3000 lines.

Can you combine three file into one and upload if all the file have the same structure.

Naveed Ali

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Thanks for your reply. Below is the screen that QuickSight show me

But in this:

it only show 1000 lines.

From your answer, I understand that if I want to show 3000 lines, I will have combine all my 3 csv file into 1 file, right?

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Yes You think right quickly :slight_smile:

Let me know if any support required to resolve the issue Just message me in forum.

one important think before you upload the csv give the appropriate name of each column. it will help you in your analysis/ calculation.

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Thanks. I will try it now

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Hi @Yen_Trinh,

@Naveed is correct that QuickSight will import all lines in your file, however, when viewing the dataset table preview in QuickSight, there is a limit to the number of lines displayed. This does not mean that your data was not fully imported, it is just that there is a limit in the rows displayed in the preview.

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