QuickSight Workspaces

Hello everyone!

I’d like to know if there is any way to implement something that functions as a Workspace in QuickSight.

Ultimately what I’m trying to achieve is isolating data from certain users. I’m aware that we could assign users to Groups, defining what they can access, but I would be more comfortable knowing that the data is completely isolated, and we wouldn’t risk the incorrect usage of the flag “Share with everyone in this account” (if there is a way to completely disable this option, please let me know).

In other words, I would like to minimize the risk of incorrectly sharing dashboards with other users through the standard sharing method that QuickSight provides (groups and users).

One workaround would be creating multiple quicksight environments through region/account. But then we would had to worry about data transfering from one region to another, and all the other layers of complexity that new regions provide.

Not sure if I made myself completely clear, feel free to ask any questions.
Thanks =)

Namespaces gives you the structure and flexibility that you require:

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Thanks so much for the lightning speed response.
I’ll try it out and will mark it as a solution if it works as expected.

Thanks again!!

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Thanks @todd.hoffman. It works as expected!

Do you know any way to “unshare” a dashboard with a certain namespace? Couldn’t find anything…

This should help:

Tried using this functionality, but nothing referencing the namespace appears, just regulars sharing (users, groups and folders)

Namespaces are not displayed on the UI. I think you have to use the UpdateDashboardPermissions operation in the API to revoke their access.


We recently launched Mange assets UI : Govern and manage permissions of Amazon QuickSight assets with the new centralized asset management console | AWS Big Data Blog

Another method to update permissions is through API calls.