Scheduling Email Reports in Multiple Environments

Hello! We are looking into scheduling email reports from a couple of dashboards but we have two separate environments (a sandbox environment and then prod). Which environment should we administer the scheduling of email reports within? Or do we need to manage within both? What is the best practice?

Additionally, since we have a separate sandbox environment and prod environment, are there any additional steps we need to take with the deploy process when we push updates from the sandbox to prod to ensure that the scheduled reports are not impacted or are updated appropriately?

Hi @malloryscott,
Thanks for sharing your question and welcome to the QuickSight community!

As of now, you would need to schedule the email reports from within the respective environment in which you want those reports to be generated and send to the users. Whether you want to do so in both environments depends a bit on your use case and the type of testing you are conducting within your sandbox environment.

How are you envisioning your deployment process to consider the schedules? Often times, users and schedules differ between the sandbox and production environments.

Thank you for your help @Thomas ! In regards to our deployment process, we first extract any dashboard and analysis and add to a manifest file to run a full replace on that dashboard before any updated dashboard can be pushed to our production environment, so I want to make sure that the extraction process will not break any scheduled reports when changes are made.