September 5 | AWS Data Workshop: Amazon Aurora + QuickSight + GenBI | Dallas

What do Xerox, the NFL, and Volvo Construction all have in common? All are accelerating their data modernization journey by combining Amazon QuickSight and Amazon RDS Aurora to monetize data-driven applications, lower costs with a unified data platform and improve efficiency with real-time insights directly from relational databases.

During this half day hands-on workshop, you will learn how easy it is to build an end to end solution (from ingesting to visualize insights) using Amazon QuickSight and Amazon RDS / Amazon Aurora without any experience. You will see first hand how powerful these two services are together, providing near-real time insights that help you deliver powerful data driven insights to your end users (internal or external).

Join us to:

  • Learn how to build an end to end solution using QuickSight & Amazon Aurora without any ETL transformation
  • Build an Amazon Aurora cluster and learn how to connect it to QuickSight
  • Use QuickSight to extract insights from data ingested in Aurora simulating a real life use case
  • Build a simple dashboard to show fraud detection insights
  • Begin to work with QuickSight Gen AI capabilities as author and reader

Email and check back for registration info