Show dyanmic drop-downs at namespace level


I have 1 dashboard which has dropdown options as follows. This is for “default” namespace

Let’s say I log in from another namespace “Company 1”
Here I want them to see the dropdown as follows

Let’s say I log in from another namespace “Company 2”
Here I want them to see the dropdown as follows

I don’t want to base this on a different dataset. The source dataset must be the same.
Can I make a single dataset show dynamic dropdown options based on namespace?

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Hello @Shambhavi, there is some great functionality built into QuickSight that allows you to make a control update to receive relevant values when another control changes.

I would say you could set up a parent control that would show Company Name. Give it a default value and set it to not show select all if a default exists. This value will always be determined by RLS since a user within a company will only see data for that single company.

Then, if your category names are tied to a column in your dataset that will show the possible options depending on each company, you can select the Change Relevant Values button on your “Format Control” section and set it to only show relevant values based on the Company being viewed. I will show a screen shot of the control formatting section and the button I am referring to below:

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This would work if I had company_id as one of my columns. (which I don’t)
The data the generic and I want all companies to see the whole data with no RLS.
Is there a way to do this in such situations?

Hello @Shambhavi, if you are not getting the company names from your dataset, there is no way to dynamically change the related category value in a control. They need to come from a column in your dataset that will have a row value that would match with the category value on your row. If there is another value besides company name or company id that matches the amongst the possible category names you can use that, otherwise it won’t work.

hi @Shambhavi

as DylanM mentioned, there is no way currently to change the values dynamically based on the namespace the login user belongs into. I have tagged this as a feature request.

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