"Show relevant values only" (cascading control) appears broken

Hi all, After trying different browsers and clearing out caches, today I noticed that the option to show filtered values between onscreen dropped down filters is no longer possible. Trying to apply a cascade control this to a second or third dropdown filter none of the target control appear in the list.

Not sure if this is the right place to raised this, please redirect if required

Below taken from Using a control with a parameter in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight
which explain what should be happening but is not now the case.

  1. (Optional) You can limit the values displayed in the controls, so they only show values that are valid for what is selected in other controls. This is called a cascading control. To create one, choose Show relevant values only. Choose one or more controls that can change what displays in this control. When creating cascading controls, the following limitations apply.
  • Cascading controls must be tied to dataset columns from the same dataset.

  • The child control must be a dropdown or list control.

  • For parameter controls, the child control must be linked to a dataset column.

  • For filter controls, the child control must be linked to a filter (instead of showing only specific values).

  • The parent control must be one of the following.

    • A string, integer, or numeric parameter control.
    • A string filter control (EXCLUDING Top-Bottom filters).
    • A non-aggregated numeric filter control.
    • A date filter control (EXCLUDING Top-Bottom filters).