Standalone Master Filter List

Is there a well to have one master filter that has all possible filtering values for different visuals from different datasets?
I know you can map some fields from different datasets and use one filter across many different visuals, but I have run into a problem when the different datasets don’t have the same number of distinct values to effectively filter across them all using one filter.

For example, I have a dataset with a field called cities I want to use as a master filtering list for all my other visuals. but I don't use this dataset itself in any of my visuals, I just want the list of cities from it because the list would cover every filter value possible for all my visuals.

Assuming Visual 1 and Visual 2 are made from completely different datasets, but those datasets share a common field ‘Cities’. I can’t use the Visual 1 Cities Filter list on Visual 2 and vice-versa because some values would be missing.

Is there a way to get a master filter list that covers both visuals, without having to put the dataset this list is coming from on a visual on the page ?


Hi @AWSCliff
You can create a separate dataset to populate filter values. This dataset will have only values that are present in each of the other datasets that are used for visuals.


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Thanks, Vetri,

I achieved the result I wanted by using the parameter in a custom filter and having the parameter link to a dataset column with all the possible values.

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