Support for keywords for individual analyses?

It would be very useful to us to be able to add keywords or labels to individual analyses and dashboards. This is to help us work more efficiently as we develop new analyses as right now we don’t have an easy way to tell which analyses look at a particular kind of content, or which ones were done for a particular client and various other dimensions. I understand this can be done with the API and also by organizing the analyses into different folders with their own keywords, but what I’m hoping for is a looser structure where one analysis could be accessed in several different ways.

Hi @HarleyQuinn, do you mean something like using Tags to allow you to see who the client is, who the creator was, the last updated date etc? If so, we do not have support for tags currently but I have noted it as a feature request. Our roadmap is driven by our customers, so thank you for raising this in the QuickSight Community :slight_smile:

Dear Steph,

That’s exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for adding it to the feature requests!

Best regards,
Kim (@HarleyQuinn)