Total value is incorrect when make connections between datasets

Hi all, I have a problem when I want to see the total numbers of a table.

Here is an example:

In this dashboard I make the data connections like this:

:arrow_down:this picture shows the median of dpmo_change of DAS1 station on week-07, every number on each day is correct expect total numbers, the right total number should be 60%. (the rows and columns are all from ‘effectiveness_GCA Metrics’ dataset, but they are in a connection dataset)

And when I check if there is anything wrong with my raw data, I created a table only using the ‘effectiveness_GCA Metrics’, didn’t connect with any other datasets, then I found the total number is correct:

What makes me really confused is that, why all of the data on each day are right, just the total numbers will change? Is that a mistake happens when I make data connections?

Thanks for your answer!

Not sure if this helps, but when looking at the table name it says ‘median of’. Which suggests you use the median aggregation. Is that not what’s happening? In stead of a sum aggregation the median is taken?

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