Transfers In Dashboard

I have been looking at the Transfers In dashboard (, and it would appear that some individuals are missing. Can anyone provide insight as to why this might be the case?

Hey maggdunn,

We don’t have access to view this dashboard.

Are you saying that some rows are missing?

We would need some more clarification on the problem to help solve it.

Thank you

Hi Max,

Thanks for your response! I apologize for the delay – I was OOO last week.

I have been asked to create a report that encompasses all transfers in to John Love’s (jlove) org from January 1 – present. I have been unable to find a report that seems to include everyone that should be included.

Could you provide some guidance here? I’m happy to go into more detail in a 1:1 message to avoid any confidentiality breaches if that would be helpful :blush:


I think this is something that you will need to discuss with your team internally.

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