Trying to apply isnull, but does not work the way I want

I have the table below. in the column “final…” I show some values for certain weeks and some weeks have no values at all. now I created a test_null measure to give me 0 if there is no data, however it does not work. in all those weeks (14,15,16) where I do not have values I want to see 0 in the test null.

test null: ifelse(isnull({final_routes}),0,1)

What is missing here to get the 0? if the test_null does not show me anything, it does not help me.

What’s missing is actual rows for your groupings and dates.

When you check isnull you are asking if that row and column value is null.

In order to populate it you might need to do some SQL work to make a calendar and join your data onto that calendar so that you have actual rows.