Unable to create a dataset

For one of the data tables, my query runs, output is shown on the bottom half of the screen, but when i press ‘Save and Publish’, data fails to refresh and the dataset doesn’t gets saved.
Still going in circles, no resolution yet.
Don’t think I have login details to open support case like I was advised in my previous post.

Hi @prkgupta
do you get an refresh error?

That’s correct!
It doesn’t show up on quicksight though, i get an email in my inbox telling me about it.

do you get an error on database side?

No, it stays on the same page, with refresh in progress status

Are you using a database as source and could check on the database if the update is still running?

I am using a database as source, but not sure how to check if update is still running

You could ask the database admin.

I will try my luck, thanks

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Hi @prkgupta
did you found something?

Query works if i use ‘direct’ instead of ‘spice’.
But does that mean i have to refresh it manually everyday?

If you are using “Direct Query” you don’t have to update anything.

So no need to refresh dataset or anything?

Exactly. That’s the nice part of direct query.

Thanks for your help and assistance

Hi @prkgupta
if you question is answered could you please solve the topic?