User Access Managment

Hi QuickSight Team,

I’m looking for an option to mirror the DashBoard access to another user. I know recently Quick Sight introduced Group Mgmt which is great. Also, I need to mirror users’ Dashboard access from one user to another. How can we do that in Quicksight UI ?

For Ex . User A in accounting has 10 DashBoard / 5 Analysis access

New User B joined in Accounting and I need to mirror user A access and grant User B all the DashBoard / Analysis User A has. How do we do in QS ? Please advise

Hi @snarayanan -

The QuickSight UI does not have the ability to mirror a user’s access. You’d have to use the QuickSight API.

To stay within the QuickSight UI I would recommend a combination of groups and shared folders. It sounds like you’ve already discovered group management.

Check out the shared folder blog and doc below. A shared folder is not a physical folder but rather a permission group, 1 QuickSight asset can be in multiple shared folders. You could place 10 Dashboards / 5 Analysis in an ‘Accounting’ shared folder and then add new users as they join.

Shared Folders (Blog): Organize and share your content with folders in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

Shared Folder (Doc): Organizing assets into folders for Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Please reopen if there are any further questions.