Using sumIf to call parameter options but 1 of the 4 options is getting extra 0s added to result

I have a parameter with CEs, Margin, NetRevenue and Units. CEs, Margin, and NetRevenue are all working perfectly, but the result for units is adding extra 0s to the actual number…When I directly call Units instead of the parameter the numbers work perfectly. I checked and made sure spelling matches in the parameter and my formula. I also switched the order of the parameter options, but Units is still not cooperating within the parameter. Someone please help! My parameter formula and sumIf formula are below:

,dateDiff(now(),ParentSalesHistoryDate,‘DD’) = 0

{CF_Metric} =
${Metric} = ‘CEs’, {CEs}
,${Metric} = ‘Margin’, {Margin}
,${Metric} = ‘Net Revenue’, {NetRevenue}

Appreciate the help!

Hi mlorenzo,

Can you check if the way you are aggregating units when you are using the parameter is the same as when you are not using the parameter?

One other thing I can think of to check is if units are calculated using a different date field.

One clarification, is the value returned for units when using the parameter just a larger number or is it the exact same number that is returned for units when you don’t use the parameter, but with zeros appended?

Hi, @mlorenzo. Did this get resolved for you? Let us know if Peter’s recommendation helped. Thanks!

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