Varying refresh duration

I am having issues running a schedule refresh as the duration time varies greatly.
what are the factors affecting the refresh duration?

Typically this depends on the DataSet query. You should get an indication of how the time when previewing the data while editing the DataSet (although results are limited here).
If the duration is varying a lot, then you probably need to improve this query and ensure that it is using a suitable index and that the datasource is not getting overloaded whilst the refresh is running.

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I experience this too in last two/three weeks twice on a same account. rest of 14 is working perfect.
I check the database log query was run in 6 minutes. But refresh done in 10 hours plus once other schedule refresh worked fine.

Naveed Ali

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Did not notice anything of the sort so far. Just curious which datasource are you using? (I did experience refresh failures after switching to Athena engine v3 though… maybe somewhat linked).

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the refresh run’s every 23:30 in the evening, few or no users at all to make sure the data source is not overloaded.

is there a tool in quicksight that shows which tables are being use during refresh?

we are using SPICE from postgresql.