What are the steps necessary for adding an IAM-user to Amazon QuickSight with a Reader role?

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Hi @Eero_Lehtonen -

I’m sorry to hear about the frustration. The reason you are having trouble is that the READER role is not supported in QuickSight Standard Edition.

See Amazon QuickSight FAQs - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services

I have a Standard Edition account. Can I add readers?
No, Readers with pay-per-session pricing only exist in Enterprise Edition. If you have a Standard Edition account, you can upgrade to Enterprise Edition via the QuickSight management page.

Your admins can provision admin/author roles or you can setup self-provisioning with quicksight:CreateUser action. The CreateReader will not work with Standard Edition and you will get errors like below.



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It’s good to hear you have Enterprise and not Standard. That creates some options through the use of IAM policies. IAM policy examples for Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

  1. You can allow users/roles to self-provision with the quicksight:CreateReader action, see Provisioning users for Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight.

  2. Your admins can use the CLI register-user — AWS CLI 1.22.91 Command Reference to register the readers.

Note: Since these methods don’t invite the users by email they won’t be notified on how to sign in, see Managing user accounts in Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition - Amazon QuickSight.

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Thank you this seems to do the trick! I’ll test it today.