What is the difference between Sheet & Add visual in an analysis?

Hi Team,
It is very confusing for us to when to use sheet tab and when to use Add visual in an analysis in our team some colleague are use sheet some colleague are use Add Visual****strong text options for multiple visualization. So it is better to follow the rule when to use what?

I think it’s up to the user because there are a couple of ways to add visuals.

For instance, I like to click on fields that I want to use and QuickSight will automatically make a visual for me using that field.

Sheets are made up of a collection of visuals. Dashboards are made up of a collection of sheets.

Sheets are mostly used for similar themed visuals. But you can design it however you like.

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Hi, @Biswajit_1993. Did Max’s solution clarify the options for you? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved or if we can provide additional help! Thanks!

Yes Kristin, I understood but if you have any other clarification you have please advice.