Why am I getting the error: Failed to share this view

I am trying to generate several different share links with different filters of a control using “Share this view” but I got the error “failed to share this view” from time to time without a clear pattern.

The workaround I did is refreshing the page and re-selectingthe value from the control dropdown (filter a value → unselect all → select the filtered value) . But I am wondering why am I getting this error.

Sharable views functionality relies QuickSight’s ability to persist changes that have been made to the dashboard. At the moment, this persistence does not work when the same dashboard is opened in multiple windows or tabs. As you’ve discovered, current workaround is to refresh the window, make the changes you want to make and then click “Share this view”.
I am an engineer on the QuickSight team. I do want us to improve this part of functionality and plan to contribute to the improvement myself.