Will DynamoDB ever be added as data source?

At the moment is my understanding that the only way to access data in DDB is by using some intermediate process like using Athena to query DDB and outputting data in S3.
DDB and Quicksight native support is it being considered or is it even not really possible?
Thank you.

I think that document databases (DynamoDB, mongo, DocumentDB etc) pose an additional set of complexity due to no having a fixed schema - hence it is not easy to define the fields coming from the dataset. Having said that, a tool like QuickSight could inspect a sample of records and base the fields on that sample - whilst providing the user to define more fields.
Of course this is just my opinion. Looking forward to hear the thoughts from the QuickSight team :slight_smile:

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker.

Thank you very much for your feedback!