"Write Back" functionality to a SQL Server or Redshift (or any kind of data store)

We have a request to write-back a value input by a user to a database that we can use somewhere else. Equating something similar to a PowerBI PowerApp (although that’s still hacking it together). Any options for this that I’m just missing?


You can use parameter to store value and used where it retried.

But datasets are not write ables.

Naveed Ali

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Hi @Naveed
i have thousands rows of data in my dataset, and i want to write a comment for some/all rows. i’m not sure if it’s possible now to write back to any type of dataset, or have any kind of hook/api i could use to write the comments somewhere and then i can still show the comments in quickSight.

@jbuford04 can i ask have you managed to resolve your issue? anything i can learn please?
Many Thanks,
Yujuan Liu

There is not option to write in dataset as in all the BI tools its read only.
you have to manage it during you data load.