1-click embed error when click back button of browser


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Case 1: home dashboard → click link another dashboard → click Back button browser → home dashboard (working fine)
Case 2: home dashboard → click action another dashboard(on visual) → click Back button browserap-northeast-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com refused to connect.
I think because Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin Only sends the origin (the domain) of the referring URL, not the full path and query string.

But both link another dashboard and action another dashboard have the same URL, why does Case1 work while Case2 is encountering an error? May you help me, please?

@Max @Karthik_Tharmarajan @ArunSanthosh May you help me?

Hi @tungxen I have reached out to our team to see if they can reply to this question.

We prioritize “0 reply” questions – so this questions was missed.

Hi @tungxen

Is the source and destination Dashboard the same in both cases?
Does using a ‘Navigation Action’ instead of a ‘URL Action’ result in the same error?