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Embedded Analytics

Add insightful analytics into any application with customized, interactive visuals and dashboards. Scale to hundreds of thousands of users with pay as you go pricing, without the need to manage infrastructure. Embed Dashboards, Visuals, and Q Bar (available with API-based embedding).

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Amazon QuickSight offers 2 types of embedding

One-click Embedding

A quick and easy way to embed dashboards that are built in QuickSight into your internet portals, websites and apps (requires no code).

  • Enterprise Embedding – Embed QuickSight into your organization’s internal websites or portals, as well as into applications for your end users.
  • Public Embedding – Embed QuickSight into your public-facing websites, applications or portals.

API-based Embedding

API based embedding is the programmatic way of embedding dashboards into your applications. This approach is used to customize the end user experience, including but not limited to dynamic application of themes for look and feel or dynamic data security rules. Often used by independent software vendors (ISVs) with complex use cases.

  • Anonymous – for users who do not need to be managed or onboarded onto QuickSight.
  • Registered User – for users who are managed as part of your QuickSight account. Includes a Console embedding option which enables your end users to create dashboards/visuals.

Additional features in QuickSight Enterprise Edition that can be seamlessly integrated with Embedded Analytics

  • Namespaces (Multitenancy) – A logical container that can be used to organize different clients, subsidiaries, or teams that require multitenancy. Example ISV use case: Enable authoring for your end clients. Available for API-based Embedding only.

  • Row-Level Security (RLS) – Restrict access to data that is shared as part of a dashboard. Apply RLS to a dataset at a Namespace, Group or User level. Available for both One-Click and API-based Embedding.

  • Column Level Security (CLS) – Restrict access to specific columns in a dataset. When enabled the The lock icon for CLS. symbol displays.


Learning Resources

QuickSight offers a number of resources on embedded analytics to suit your learning style:

Guided and On-Demand Videos - 100 Level

Advanced Training - 300 Level

Comprehensive Collection of Videos

It’s all in the QuickSight Community!

Find all articles and videos above plus additional resources in the Developer Corner of the QuickSight Community. It’s a one-stop-shop for your embedded analytics learning journey!