15. Amazon QuickSight Community: What's New + Partner Opportunities + New Developer Corner

In this video, we’ll dive deep into:

  • What is the Amazon QuickSight Community?
  • Community Opportunities for Partners
  • New Developer Corner

The Amazon QuickSight Community was launched to serve as a one-stop-shop where Business Intelligence (BI) authors and developers from across the globe can access learning content, ask and answer questions, stay up-to-date, network, and learn together about Amazon QuickSight. Amazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale.The new Developer on the QuickSight Community offers centralized access for learning about QuickSight’s embedded analytics capabilities. Learn how to add interactive dashboards, visuals and Q&A into your apps, websites and portals. Check out resources like:

  • Getting Started – Learn about embedding analytics via QuickSight
  • Demos – Explore embedding in action with Demo Central and Developer Portal
  • APIs + SDK – Dive deep into documentation and expedite and customize your embedded analytics
  • What’s New – Check out our embedded analytics blog posts and find out what’s new
  • How-To Videos – Hear from our experts about embedded analytics
  • Developer Q&A – Ask embedding questions, and search for answers

Video Chapters
Intro: 00:00
Agenda: 00:30
What is the QuickSight Community? 01:30
Community Demo (Q&A, Learning Center, Getting Started, Videos, Events, User Groups): 05:15
QuickSight Learning Series + Weekly and Monthly Online Events: 08:40
Subscribe to Notifications: 11:37
Community Opportunities for Partners: 12:57
What is Developer Corner? 22:26
Developer Corner Demo: 30:45
Sign up for Community: 40:42
Q&A: 41:14

Ricardo Arriaga Rico, @rickarriaga, Global Lead, Amazon QuickSight Community G/SI Partners
Srikanth Baheti, @Srikanth_Baheti, Developer Advocate & Principal Solution Architect
Julia Bernstein, @jbernz, Developer Corner Liaison
Kristin Mandia, @Kristin, Sr. Online Community Manager