2 data set in one chart


Can I use 2 data sets in one chart. Showing as below, Bar chart use 1 data set, but line chart use another?

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Hi @Cindy, as per my understanding, as such, only a single dataset can be visualised in a visual and we wont be able to have/use 2 or more different datasets in a single chart/visual.

However, as per your usecase, I believe there could be some column(s) in common for those 2 dataset(s) using which we can perform a JOIN operation and then convert it into a single dataset with which we can try to achieve your desired result.

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Join won’t help.
The duo chart is to show part (Bar chart can be changed by filter) to total (line chart- implemented prefilter) comparision. But now since the dashboard need to be released to a much wider range of users who have different level of access (by bizunit, geo, sungeo etc.) So that the RLS will be implemented, users who don’t have Company level access won’t be able to see the complete line chart for bench marking anymore. Since the data will be capped at dataset level based on their levels of access. One work around I can think of is to use one dataset for the bar chart part which need to apply the RLS, but use another dataset for the line chart with no RLS.

Do you know if there are anyother ways to achieve my goal?

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One workaround is to use parameters with dynamic default values instead of RLS. If you link the parameter to your filter, you can dynamically filter your bar chart based on the user who is viewing your dashboard, achieving the same result as RLS without excluding the data needed to create your line chart.

Thanks for the info David!

I think the conern for the parameter defaults is users with limited access can still see other data by changing the control.

Would you please help if below workaround is actionable or supported by quicksight?

  1. I can create another same chart with non-rls implemeted and put it on top of my exsiting chart. Changing the Line chart color to ‘Transparent’ in the RLS implemeted chart, Bar chart to ‘Transparent’ in the non- rls chart. QQ: How to change the bar/line chart to be transparent?

  2. Create a new dataset by Left join with existing RLS implemented dataset in quicksight. So that I will have compele data and RLS implemented data.
    Questions are: 1) Can we join with a dataset that only created in quicksight. Like: select * from table a left join quicksight dataset?

  3. Will rls still apply to the original dataset and limit data access? if yes, will RLS applied to entir new data?

It works if you don’t expose the filter to your readers in the controls. When you publish your dashboard, you would also have to disable ad hoc filtering. This way your readers would have no way to change the filter and would only be limited to the filter value that you set your them via the parameter default.

I don’t think you can make a bar/line chart transparent.

When you join a dataset with RLS with another one that doesn’t have RLS, the resulting child dataset inherits the RLS rules from the parent.

Thanks for the help!