2. How to Create below Visual

I have dataset in which I am getting current year and previous year numbers and I want to calculate the year on year growth percenatage. so I am using calculated field where formula written is current year/prev year.

However I am not able achieve this view instead I am getting below view which doesn’t look nice.

2023-2024 2022-2023
Actual YOY % Movement Actual YOY % Movement
ULIP 425 -28% 332 -28%
Term 9 -10% 8 -10%

Hi @Lobhas
i guess you will not achieve that with just one table visual.

Thanks @ErikG Is there any other way I can achieve this?

You could use one table for CY and PY and one for the YoY.

like (here MoM)

Hi @ErikG Just trying to understand the statement…you are saying that one query should be prepared for current and prev year numbers. and another query which will have both prev and curr year and then I derive the mom column in that query using curr and prev yr data…and then join both the queries based on my dimensions.

But this will be a complex and heavy query and it will hamper performance of the dashboard right?

@Lobhas can you share your dataset?

@neelay do you want me share the whole SQL query here? If yes , then I will not be able to do that here…but I can share the snippet of the code.

@Lobhas just sample data. Make sure you remove pii from it before sharing

Hi @Lobhas -
Did you solve your calculation issue? If not, please take advantage of our new arena functionality where you can upload a sample dataset, create analysis and publish a dashboard. You can select the Arena console from the menu at the top of the QuickSight Community pages. Then post the shared dashboard link to this Community post so we can help you work thru the calculations.

Hi @Lobhas
not exactly. you have to query the MoM anyway.
What I meant is one table visual for the CY and PY another table visual only for the MoM.

Hello @Lobhas !

Was @neelay or @ErikG 's suggestions helpful in solving this, and if so could you mark one of their comments as the solution?

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