30 visual limit

As free-form setting became available a couple of months ago, we’ve been using this setting to better visualize our dashboards.
Since there aren’t many graphic tools yet, we use visuals as workarounds for designs purposes, though we find the 30 visuals limit too low.
Is there a way to increase this limit?


Hi Yoni. Could you explain a little more why you need more than 30 visuals per tab? I’ll mark this as a feature request

We have found that we are often needing to use narratives to create custom headers (the headers span the width of multiple visuals, so we can’t just use the visual title as the header). In one dashboard, we have 10 headers just on one tab. This means that we now only have 20 visuals left before we hit our limit. That sounds like a lot still, but we have 18 KPI visuals at the top that are necessary. This leaves just 2 visuals left for charts.


I’ve marked this as a feature request. Thanks for the additional details

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If additional formatting objects that don’t count against the visual limit could be available for creating section headers, lines for breaking up sections, etc. that would be really helpful.

We are doing similar things with custom narratives, using them as headers or plain text displays for giving users instructions.

Would love more design/layout related objects!


We too would really appreciate different custom visual types like lines/borders.


I second the request for a high limit in Free Flow. We also use narratives as text blocks and like to use multiple small KPIs throughout. These add up quickly.


Can the limit finally be increased to more than 30 elements?


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Any updates on when this visual limit will be taken off? It’s too restrictive. We use a lot of custom narratives for header, description, instructions etc. Unnecessarily we have to create separate sheets and copy the filters to the new sheet when what we need is a Single sheet.

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Any update on when this limit will be taken off. We are using rule based rendering in free-form which requires creating new visual for each parameter value and it quickly reaches the upper limit.

Increase to visual limit would be a very welcomed feature :smile:

We’d also like an increase!

I am up to requesting the increase of the visual limit as well, and would really appreciate it if it can be realized. We have some critical needs of having a bunch of data analyses in the form of a flowing breakdown on one page. Although we now have a Text visualization that doesn’t count as Visual, it still cannot meet our needs because we have about 80+ visuals and KPIs that need to be visualized.

I also think that it would be really helpful to increase the visual limit.

Are there any updates on this feature?


Thanks for the feedback. Currently you can add more than 30 visuals with the limit being 50. You get a warning of possible performance regression.

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