A UX issue with linked data sets

We have several users reporting the same problem and they are getting stuck.

We have two drop-downs:

  1. Tenant
  2. Month

The Month is linked to the Tenant. I.e. only months available within the given tenant are shown in the dropdown.

If Tenant A has January, February, and Tenant B only has March, then after changing from Tenant B to Tenant A, will show Tenant A + March (month not available within Tenant A) combo in the drop-down, and “No Data” in the visual.

Hi @m0ltar

the reason is that March was selected and the filter/parameter is set to it.
By jumping back to Tenant A the selection is not reset.


I understand the reason.

But what I am saying is that it’s not a good UX, because we have several end users complaining about this and are very confused.

Hello @m0ltar and @ErikG !

I will mark this as a feature request for cascading filters/relevant value only filters for the Quicksight team.