A way to use conditional formatting "by group" in pivot tables?

Looking for a way to “group” conditional formatting by the values in the first column. Is it possible?

Why can’t you conditionally format it based on a different column?

@Max I either don’t understand your suggestions, or my question was not clear.

Here’s what I want to achieve - Metric is formatted for each “Name” individually.

Hello @tjk - Thank you for posting your query. There’s no direct way to achieve what you are looking for as QuickSight Conditional formatting doesn’t allow you to define partitions to specify the scope of conditional formatting gradient range that you would like to apply. Hence, how I would like to approach the problem is by creating a custom calculated field which would scale all the measure values (where I want to apply conditional formatting) between 0 to 1 based on the groupings that we have to consider. Please consider the following example snapshot where I have applied the Conditional Formatting on the “Value” column based on the groupings defined at the “Breakdown” and “KPI” level. The high level steps have been provided below for reference.

Step 1 : Create a calculated field named “Weight by Breakdown and KPI” to derive the relative values within the range of 0 to 1 based on the intended grouping which is in this case Breakdown and KPI.

Step 2 : Select the intended measure field (“Value” in this case) and apply conditional formatting based on the newly created calculated field. Pivot Tables in QuickSight allows you to utilize other fields as well for conditional formatting even though it is not part of the visual.

That should be it. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing your approach, makes sense.
Alternatively, if there are not too many groups, I can simply make 3 visuals instead of one.

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