About Localization When Redirect On Embedded Quicksight

Hello everyone, currently i am using this: GitHub - awslabs/amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk: A SDK to help users embed QuickSight dashboards on other pages. to embed quicksight to browser.

I’m also using this with contentOptions for Japanese localization: locale: “ja-JP”.

However, the issue is that, when i redirect from 1 quicksight page to another quicksight page, locale will only be carried over if i use URL Action. If i used an url text (via insight’s narrative), locale won’t be carried over and quicksight will return to english.

Is there anyway to use URL Action for insight’s narrative? Or is there anyway to keep locale even after redirecting with url text? (all redirection are just to another quicksight dashboard, no outside site here).

Hello @Kuroha, so what I do know is that actions are not available on an insight or able to be built within a customized narrative. I also know that the content option within QuickSight to edit the language does not work on insights. I can look into this some more, but this language update on the narrative might need to be done manually for the time being.

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Hello @DylanM, can you tell me how to do it manually?

Hello @Kuroha, I think I may have misunderstood your original question because I think if the url text in a narrative is not working, there would not be a way to make this happen the way you want. You would need to use a URL action on a visual that allows for actions rather than the insights to make this possible. I can add this topic as a feature-request though to try and get this functionality added into Insights in the future!

Since this will be a feature request, I am going to archive this ticket for now. If you need any further help with this issue or another in the future, feel free to post a new question in the community so you will be at the top of our response priority!