About the integration between QS and Lake Formation, are fine-grained permissions already available for sa-east-1 (Sao Paulo)?

According to AWS Blog users can view the Data Catalog resources (databases and tables) using two strategies:

  1. The IAMAllowedPrincipal security group is granted Super permission to the resource in Lake Formation.
    2. An ARN for the QuickSight user or group (that the user is a member of) is explicitly granted permissions to the resource in Lake Formation.

Is this second options is already available to Sao Paulo region (sa-east-1)?

I have tried to use the option 2 but I cannot see on QuickSight the Data Catalog resources when I use this option.

Hi @tgmangolini, Will check on this and get back to you.



Hi @Karthik_Tharmarajan,

Have you found any information about this?


Hi @tgmangolini , I have reached out the team internally. Will get back to once I hear from them.
If you don’t see the options it is very likely it is not enabled for sa-east-1 yet. If you think this is anything other then region availability, please raise a support ticket to further look into this. Here are the steps to open a support ticket.