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I’m new here, what is the equivalent of Tableau’s Fixed LOD: {FIXED:MIN([Sale Date])}?

I would like this to remain constant after any further filters or aggregations are applied. Say, If I added Product, I don’t want Earliest Sale Date by product but the absolute earliest Sale Date on the dataset.

I read about min_over and window_min but i’m not sure how to use them without a partitioning clause. Is this possible to do within a calculated field than a parameter default? Thanks in advance.

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Hello @prem27, welcome to the QuickSight community!

It sounds like LAC-W functions are the way to go to achieve this solution. If you want the min across all of your data, you should utilize minOver.

Your function would look something like this:
minOver({Sale Date}, [], PRE_FILTER)

If the value returned still seems a little odd, you can try switching PRE_FILTER for PRE_AGG, but I think the function above is the most likely to lead to your desired output. The nice thing about this function is that you can leave the partition field brackets empty, i.e. [] to denote that you want it to look across the full dataset being returned. I’ll mark this as the solution, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions. Thank you!

I didn’t know i could leave that blank. thanks.

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