Access control for url parameters

Is there a way to access control quicksight amazonbi dashboard by url parameters? i.e., I want to give access to different user logins for different values in the url parameters

Hi @Steven - can you expand a little more on what you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to customize the data shown in the dashboard for each user? If so you would achieve that using Row Level Security.

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Hi Jesse, that is right.

My use case is: I have a big .xlsx file with 140 user_id users for my product. I want to give visibility of each user_id their cost distribution of different AWS services. At the same time, I don’t want one user to see other user’s cost profile.

What I thought was: Have a quicksight dashboard accepting user id as input (e.g., and then thought of controlling analysis report at the url level.

Could you help me achieve this access control support with a different method for the use case I am looking for?

@Steven if you want to control access to data (in other words secure your data) such that users see the data that they are permitted to see, you can use the row-level security to achieve that.

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