Access multiple QuickSight accounts in a single browser

We have a usecase to enable users being able to login to multiple QuickSight accounts within the same browser, Chrome and Firefox . i.e. be able to open and view dashboards from amazonbi account and a team account within the same browser without having to log off. Are there any reccommendations on tools that would accomplish this ?

We have similar use case. Can someone please share any lead if it is possible to access multiple QuickSight account in single browser?

Found this suggestion by another QS team member: Multi-Account Containers | Firefox Help

Each tab has it’s own cookies so can log in to multiple accounts in the same browser.

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@alexresh and @Kapil Let us know if this solution works for you. If so, can you help the community by marking this @marakagi’s reply as “Solution”? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can also open a new browser incognito mode and able to open QuickSight other account.

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Is there a browser agnostic solution for this i.e. works on chrome and firefox ?

I tried Firefox containers as suggested by @marakagi and it worked. It needs some pre-configuration (which is not that difficult) but at least we have an option.
Thanks marakagi.


Thanks for letting us know @Kapil! Thanks for providing this solution, @marakagi :slight_smile: