Access other user Analyses and Dashboards

I’ve created some Datasets, Analyses and Dashboards from my user but then we had some changes in AWS SSO so QuickSight asked me to create a new user. How can I access the data I previously created? I can see that the old user still exists but I can’t login with it.

I found that when deleting a user it will ask if I want to move all the resources to another user… Is is safe to use?

If you dont want to use the old user anymore, you have the option to delete the old user (log as an admin) and when deleting the user you will receive a notification to transfer all the content created by that user to a new user:

Be aware before deleting the old user.
Steps described here:

Thanks JoseB, have you tried it before? is it safe?

Yes, all the content will be transferred to the new user and old user deleted. You have to be an admin to do so.
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